According to the consumer vote in My Love Marks ranking  “Hissar” is for the 4th time leader in the category “Bottled water”.

“Hissar” mineral water has been used for more than 2000 years. This is the water which emperors and kings had drunk. Thracians, Byzantines, Slavs and Bulgarians have spread the glory of the healing water throughout centuries of rise and fall.

It is no accident that the first bottling company for mineral water was established in Hissar – the town of health, and data of this same water-bottling enterprise dates back to the age of tsar Boris III. This brand of long history is well-known to the Bulgarian consumers and an integral part of their choice.

“Hissar” is the preferred brand of water in Bulgaria according to 5 000 of the voters in the ranking, followed by “Mihalkovo” and “Bachkovo”.

My Love Marks is a unique consumer ranking based only on the consumers’ opinion and frame of mind. Thus “My Love Marks” presents not the expert opinion, but the consumers’ opinion on the branding. More than 42 000 people took part in the anniversary tenth edition the ranking in 2018, and 350 brands in 35 categories competed to enter Top 3.

The sixth edition of the International Youth Competition For Popular Song “Fifteen Tulips” took place in the end of April.  For yet another year ‘Hissar” mineral water is partner of the iconic musical event.

491 participants, representatives of 79 musical teachers from 20 districts of Bulgaria and guests from Serbia, Turkey and Germany competed in the three categories of the competition:

  • “With the songs of Mimi and Razvigor”
  • “Fifteen tulips”
  • “We and the song”

“Fifteen Tulips” has won recognition as one of the most reputable forums for young performers of popular songs.

The talented performers in the three days of the competition were appraised by a jury of proven professionals in the sphere of popular and rock music – Mimi Ivanova, Vanya Kostova, Nevena Peykova, Snezhana Petkova, Petar, Aleks Nushev, Zdravko Petrov and Razvigor Popov.

“The Fight of the Voices” took place in the gala concert where the jury, with open ballot and on air, nominated the Grand Prix winners:

  • In the category “With the songs of Mimi and Razvigor” Ivaila Terzieva from Plovdiv won the Gand prix
  • In the category “Fifteen tulips” Ivan Stoyanov from Burgas overcame the other contestants
  • In the category “We and the song” for new arrangements of songs from the repertoire of Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, the jury awarded Grand Prix to the composer Veleri Kostov for the new arrangement of the eternal hit of Mimi Ivanova and Boris Godzhunov  “People and streets” (song from the film “The Boy is Leaving”).

The fourth edition of the “Company of the Year” prizes aims to point out the strong employer brands which by themselves are positive image of the companies, to position the leading companies and to distinguish the achievements of the teams behind the leaders.

Focus of the event “Company of the Year” was the EMPLOYER BRANDING topic. And exactly in this category Bottling Company Hissar won a prize for EMPLOYER BRANDING.

This award is recognition for “Effective management, tradition and investments in the human capital”. Throughout its 60 years of existing, the company which bottles the famous brand “Hissar” mineral water has been known as a traditionally preferred employer.

“For us this prize is first and foremost a responsibility, we accept it with respect as a well-earned acknowledgement,” was the comment of the company and they highlighted that “in the long run the PEOPLE are in the center of the employer branding. Each one of the 112 people working for “Bottling Company Hissar” is an asset for its development.  The employer branding is the DNA of the company and we are proud with its uniqueness, a peculiar combination of traditions and modernity. The achievements which increase the trust of  both clients and employees towards the company result from the efforts for each and any member of the company team. This is our path to achieve the high results and deserved success that the brand is famous for”.

“Living Water” is the official water of the spectacular seventh edition of “Night of the Stars” – a show with more than 150 participants from 11 countries. The world-known artist and acrobat Encho Keryazov and his foundation honoured successful and talented children in three categories – art, education and sport as well as disadvantaged children who defend with dignity the incredible abilities of the human spirit, will and determination!

The biggest hall in Bulgaria – “Arena Armeec” gathered more than 15 000 spectators who enjoyed a world-class show with incredible artists. The torpedo woman – Robin Valencia, spider-man Freddy Nock with 5 Guinness World Records, breath-taking stunts, Ambra and Yves – aerial acrobatics, Oleg Izosimov – gymnastics, Anatoly Zalevsky – equilibrist and Encho Keryazov himself were part of the surprises. Only the best stages in the world have the privilege to present artists of such importance such as Viktor Kee, Freddy Nock, the torpedo woman – Robin Valencia, Duo Minasov. It’s a great achievement that the Bulgarian audience can also enjoy them. Director of the seventh edition of the “Night of the Stars” is the Dutch producer Kees van Limpt who has directed the World Christmas Circus and performances at the Royal Theatre Carré.