“Living Water” brand for “Plovdiv” Cup Orientation Competition

The orientation competition for “Plovdiv” Cup 2018 is included in the calendar and is organized under the aegis of the Bulgarian Federation of Orientation. More than 250 competitors from more than 20 sport clubs from the whole country took part in it.
Elite competitors such as Antoaneta Dyaksova, Stefaniya Dimitrova, Boyan Ivandzhikov, Nikolay Dimitrov and Zdravko Taralov competed along the “Plovdiv” Cup routes.
The competition consisted of several stages. It started on 29 September with a sprint on Mladezhki halm hill. On 30 September the competition continued with medium distance in the region of Hizha Zdravets hut in Rhodopi Park.
The “Living water” brand was specially secured for the competition. All participants could quench their thirst and freshen with a bottle of “Living water” while covering the tracks. This water is of extremely low mineralization – just 10mg/l. The mineral salts get filtered from the crystal clear waters via the reverse osmosis method which removes 90% of them. Thus the “Living water” brand is the right choice for every day consumption or during sports.


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