“Hissar” Mineral Water for Bansko Jazz Fest 2018

The 21st International Jazz Fest has started in Bansko and will continue until 11th August.
The participants in this year’s edition – Chiara Pancaldi, the phenomenal saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky, the British pop jazz group Matt Bianco, all grip the attention of thousands of fans.
Jazz groups and performers from Serbia, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium and China will perform on the open stage of the central square in the town resort.
Axel Zwingenberger and Ladyva, known as the best Boogie Woogie performers, gave a show/concert on two grand pianos.
This is the third year in succession that “Hissar” mineral water supports the biggest summer music forum in Bulgaria. The great popularity which the festival has gained among specialists and fans all over the world has turned it into one of the biggest international cultural events in the Balkans.

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