Water for your health

Do you regularly drink water? 

Does your body needs water to work well?
Without water a person could not exist more than a few days. That is why water is considered the most important compound for our body. Our bodies consist of approximately 60-65 percent water. Water functions to deliver the necessary nutrients to our cells and to contribute to burning fat.

Does water play a significant part in weight loss?
Water is a major aid for dieters because it has no calories, acts as an appetite suppressant, and helps the body metabolize the accumulated fat. Drinking enough water helps with the absorption of toxins.

Does the body’s need for water rise with an increase of temperature?
Perspiration is a process of losing water. People who are physically active or live in areas with a hot climate need even more water in order to prevent its shortage in the body.

Health tips

A healthy body is more than a well-lubricated machine. It is a well-hydrated machine.


Because human beings need water to survive and exist. In order to keep your family and yourself in good health, try these tips for maximum hydration and good health.