“Bottling Company Hissar” with prestigious award for EMPLOYER BRANDING

The fourth edition of the “Company of the Year” prizes aims to point out the strong employer brands which by themselves are positive image of the companies, to position the leading companies and to distinguish the achievements of the teams behind the leaders.

Focus of the event “Company of the Year” was the EMPLOYER BRANDING topic. And exactly in this category Bottling Company Hissar won a prize for EMPLOYER BRANDING.

This award is recognition for “Effective management, tradition and investments in the human capital”. Throughout its 60 years of existing, the company which bottles the famous brand “Hissar” mineral water has been known as a traditionally preferred employer.

“For us this prize is first and foremost a responsibility, we accept it with respect as a well-earned acknowledgement,” was the comment of the company and they highlighted that “in the long run the PEOPLE are in the center of the employer branding. Each one of the 112 people working for “Bottling Company Hissar” is an asset for its development.  The employer branding is the DNA of the company and we are proud with its uniqueness, a peculiar combination of traditions and modernity. The achievements which increase the trust of  both clients and employees towards the company result from the efforts for each and any member of the company team. This is our path to achieve the high results and deserved success that the brand is famous for”.

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