The town of Hisarya was established in the 4th century BC and is home to 22 hot mineral springs with curative properties. The town is surrounded by fortified walls 2315 meters long and 10 meters tall.

Thracians, Byzantines, Slavs and Bulgarians were spreading the glory of the curative water during the centuries of progress and decay.

Hisarya is a town of health, which was declared an archaeological reservation together with the preserved cultural monuments within the boundaries of the fortified walls.


Hisar water has been in circulation for 2000 years. This is water that was consumed by emperors! Water which is a guarantee for good health!

Due to the harmony between the chemical elements in Hissar mineral water, it is easily absorbed by body and is suitable for daily consumption! To learn more about the way water affects your health, see the “Water for Health” section.

Hisar water has low mineralization (276 mg/l) and it is very pleasant and tasty.


The analyses, presented here are based on:

CERTIFICATE No. 7/19.07.1999,
Issued by the Ministry of Health,
for water source
Spring No. 7, town of Hisarya

ENERGY VALUE -0; pH – 8,9


CATIONS: Na – 62,3; K – 1,04; Ca – 3,4

ANIONS: F-5; Cl-8,0; SO4-28,8; HCO3-109,8; HSiO3-1,1;